Our plans for diabetes

Our plans for diabetes services focus on two areas; creating new models of care and our Bradford Beating Diabetes programme.

New model of care

Creating new models of care is an NHS England scheme. The scheme calls on health leaders to redesign care so it is sustainable and better able to meet the needs of our patient population. As diabetes is a priority area for our CCG, we have focused efforts on developing an end-to-end pathway, from the prevention of Type 2 diabetes to the improved management of people with diabetes.

Our model of care for diabetes looks at a number of different areas, covering adults and children, these include:

  • identifying those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes 
  • helping those people who are at risk, prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes
  • educating those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes on how to better manage the condition
  • reducing the number of complications associated with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
  • focus on self-care. 

Bradford beating diabetes

NEW BBD logo 1Our Bradford Beating Diabetes programme focuses on making our population aware of the condition by highlighting the signs, symptoms and risks of Type 2 diabetes. It supports people to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of developing the condition and be in control and healthy. 

In our CCG there are more than 9,000 diabetic patients registered with primary care services. Every year, a person diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes will typically spend over 8,500 hours managing their own condition alongside 3 hours input from a health professional. The Bradford Beating Diabetes programme is centred on prevention and education on self-care and management of the condition so that we reduce the number of people diagnosed with the condition.

Bradford Beating Diabetes was chosen as one of the national demonstrator sites for the NHS England Healthier You: NHS diabetes prevention programme. The programme was chosen as a national demonstrator site due to it's innovative approach to delivery and the aim to get the best outcomes for patients.