What we are doing in 2017/18 and 2018/19

We are reworking our dementia strategy to make sure it continues to be relevant to the changing health and social care economy. Within this there will be a focus on delirium. We will work with local providers to ensure an increased focus on the recognition, prevention and treatment of delirium.

We are also working towards implementation of the evidence based treatment pathway. More GP practices are becoming “dementia friendly.”

The three CCGs (Bradford City, Bradford Districts and Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven) continue to work with the Yorkshire and Humber Dementia Clinical Network to produce the DiADeM Clinical tool to support the diagnosis of dementia in the care home setting. We will be using this in conjunction with the nationally recognised DeAr GP tool and in Bradford, our local incentive scheme for GPs to find our 'hidden patients' in the care home setting. We will be continuing our GP / primary care education and awareness sessions to ensure our clinicians are engaged in diagnosing and supporting patients and their carers to receive a diagnosis and access post diagnostic support.

We are also working with our local memory services provider and undertaking a mapping and improvement programme to ensure that the service is working towards the new expected access and waiting time targets due to be released in 2018. This will ensure the service has the resilience to cope with increased referral rates that may be a consequence of awareness raising amongst our clinicians.

The lead clinician for the two Bradford CCGs has also been instrumental in developing a local and regional set of resources for primary care (which has been cited on the National Dementia Care planning document due to be released in  2018).

All three CCGs are actively promoting dementia friendly communities and engaging with GP practices, other NHS organisations and the voluntary sector to increase awareness and uptake of the initiative. One of our GP practices is leading the way in being dementia friendly and is also supporting other practices. We will also be working via our contracting procedures with providers to ensure they are dementia friendly and consider the needs of people with dementia and their carers.

The CCGs have also commissioned a wesite - www.dementiacarer.net - which supports all carers in our population to find support and self-care. 

The CCG and Bradford Council are working together to review the post diagnostic support offer for patients with dementia in 2017/2018. In North Yorkshire we are supporting the development of the dementia strategy which is due to launch in 2017.